About Us

We are a team of professionals with a solid furniture background and a passion for interior design. We are inspired by the history of Italian Art to design spaces that reflects its beauty and the excellence of its tradition.

The constant pursuit of Quality, in products and services, is our Mission and it allows us to be asserted as the excellence of the Made in Italy.

• Our Mission is the constant research for the best quality in our products and our services.

• We offer the most authentic Made in Italy: Ideas, People, Products and Materials, which are the quintessential of our heritage.

• We fulfill every phase with professionalism and expertise, from design to production and from execution to post sale assistance.

We offer

We offer even more than just turnkey: an idea that becomes reality. We are involved in every phase and achieve best results by identifying the right materials and furnishings. Kitchens, Living, Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Doors, Wardrobes and Closets: We only select from “Made in Italy”; the best for design, functionality and comfort.

We pay extraordinarily detailed attention in the selection of materials. Wood, marble, stone, glass, upholstery and metal have the intentions for making our ideas functional, modern and unique.

We are dedicated to remaining conscious of the environment. Our choices favor the environment awareness for a more sustainable future.

We use the latest design software for our projects: our renders are picture quality and show a life-like view of the materials, nishes and solutions.

The design approval is where the execution begins. We work with a network of professionals and suppliers that allow us to cover nationwide areas to products and materials enabling us to meet project and deadlines.

We take care of our clients. From the initial consultation to customer care. The client is never left alone but always at the center of our attention.

Made in Italy
A wide display, of the best quality and design of the Italian products,
for Functionality and Comfort

A precise philosophy drives a continued commitment to research and to improve our Products and Services

We always put rst the respect for the environment to support the Sustainable Development

Our network, allows us to meet deadlines and the success of the projects with the highest quality and service

A real value, makes our choices Accurate and Reliable

Control of all phases, from the initial concept to the realization, through our design team NAVONA

To learn more about our products, services and general inquires, or to schedule an appointment please contact us:

Navona Group, LLC
526 Tremont St
Boston, MA 02116

Tel. +1 978-310-0660